Mobile Optimization and Avoiding SEO mistakes

The reason to mobile optimise your website are wide and far.  A site optimized for mobile or  site that specifically redirect to mobile site  attracts 80% more customers hence increasing their conversion chances. Websites are critically meeting point between small business and customers. Maintaining an optimized site requires a strategical approach focused to increase customers. The top mobile sites have always the design and layout advantage for users who look for information on mobiles and tablets

Why your website should be mobile optimiz

Importance of optimizing a  Site for mobile

Only 35% of  businesses have a mobile optimized sites and so companies with sites that are optimized for multiple devices have a triple chance for achieving mobile conversion. Remember that user change devices during their research to find the right product. When you maintain your own website with out research into proper metrics for reach and customers you are wasting your time.

How Businesses Optimize websites for Multiple Devices

Research Mobile Content

Businesses mostly look into segmentation of  devices when they plan their mobile optimization strategy.46% of responsive designs have a client side. Lets look into how customer react during their product research on mobile or other devices.

  1. 41% businesses have mobile specific development platform
  2. while 33% build their devices on HTML5.
  3. 43% of consumers are likely to return to a slow landing  mobile optimized sites.

73% of mobile research actually starts a conversion process.

Research Mobile Content
When you convert website to mobile site there is 86% additional chances of getting a conversion.

  • 25% visit to retail site
  • 36% research oriented activity
  • 18% Shares  information either socially or referral..
  • 17%visit a Store
  • 7% Calls a Business for more information
  • 17& makes a purchase based on any activity triggered through its search on mobile device.


Avoiding SEO mistakes for mobile Site

Allow Mobile Site Crawling: You should check your websites robots file to make sure its not disallowing Google bot mobile from crawling your mobile website . Follow Standard SEO Rules: Optimize  keywords, develop better textual links, and avoid using Flash. Get On Google Places: Get On Google Places to ensure visibility in mobile Search Upload your Mobile XML sitemap: This will help the Mobile Google Bot find the pages  on your mobile website that you want indexed.


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Features of Mobile Optimiz sites

A UK based research study confirms that 78% of  users keep their mobiles with them. We all know no one keep their laptops with them for that long. That is the advantage  of mobile and that’s where strategists have worked out to bring their best mobile site .  Users keeping mobile with them means users generally visit websites from their mobiles when ever they have to buy or look for info suddenly. This  user habit makes a mobile optimisation single most important factor towards product or service based sale. Our mobile optimisation  services offer following mobile optimization features for our clients  who want to build mobile sites or want to power up their existing PC-based sites to mobile and tablets.  Please use the form to contact us .

mobile site competition
Companies who have not Build Mobile / Tablet sites are sending customers to Their Competitors.

Mobile optimisation isa process and many times  risk of designing and developing website with our prior research some businesses cause headaches and negative results to their SEO. Mobile Optimise is a mobile Friendly organization. How you want to make a mobile site’s potential buyers reach you depends on how your users interact with your site. FOr the question of why to make a mobile consider an example of buyers who always research on multiple devices about their products and possible site to buy the product. This potential sale poses lot of importance on a mobile site. A good mobile optimized site must offer a mobile-optimized experience.

  • Responsive Design and Development
  • Optimized Loading for multiple Devices
  • Dedicated Support
  • Low Development Cost
  • Build On Popular CMS, e.g., WordPress & Joomla
  • Built on Best Usability Practices.
  • High level web & mobile development
  • Dedicated Android & iOS app Development
  • Free Consultation for Choosing between Mobile App or Site

Mobile Site

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Understanding User Enagement : Responsive Site or a Native Mobile App?

We all have to agree that among top mobile optimise sites,  best mobile site have made it much simpler for us to use mobile phones and even interact on the go. The best thing about the  mobile responsive sites is that it does not require much sociability to start off and thus there have been great growth over the past few years. Initially, mobile optimized sites were designed for entertainment but now there are different types of  social sites with dedicated mobile applications from business related to social networking . You will find that most businesses are now optimizing or building mobile sites in order to try and keep up with their customers.

mobile optimize site survey

how to make a mobile

Business mobile applications have become very popular because they help increase productivity, accessibility, data storage, help in marketing and most importantly customer loyalty. Other than that, the applications have made it possible for people to conduct business from any part of the world without having to travel. To add to that, you can pay your bills and even purchase goods right from the comfort of your own home using some the latest applications. The applications are quite safe as one will be required to provide some authentication before any transactions are completed. There are also other applications that allow you to synchronize your messaging from different devices. Such applications make communication much simpler and fun. With industry booming M-Commerce is te future with Purchases inititaing on tablets and smartphones.

Compared to last year 2012,  smartphone-Optimized Sites, Black Friday Sales increased  by 187%, Thanksgiving Sales increased by 258%   — That Huge

Mobile Website

Mobile App

Accessed Through Browsing Accessed after being installed
Static Navigational User interface Interactive User interface
Require connection Available Offline
Limited features Can make use of phone features e.g Location, camera

Users Engagement vs Development Model

Mobile Site

The number of people joining social networks is on the increase and thus media companies are looking for new ad creative ways to keep their users engaged all the time. Most companies have restricted the use of internet to their workers but with all these new mobile applications users are able to keep in touch regardless of where they are. Most of these mobile applications can easily be downloaded but you can still get other applications that come installed in the smartphones and all you will have to do is invoke the application and you are good to go. Most of the applications will allow you to share posts or images, tweet, update your status and the same time maintain your privacy.

There are numerous mobile applications that you can get today in the market thus, you get to choose depending on your needs. You can go online to see some of the latest applications.


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