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Most of the available SaaS based services offers site building tools. These services offers monthly subscription fees. Using these services, you never own your content and data. As soon as you disconnect these service you end up loosing your design content and data.

With Mobile Optimize we provide you the freedom to host your code and content any where you want.

Standards Compliance


Your website visitors are always looking for their required information. They carry their search on no of devices switching from mobile, tablets and PCs before they. They expect a great mobile website regardless of what device they use making just great mobile websitebuy.

We Comply to Google's recommendations for Mobile and Web responsive HTML for all devices hence using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.

Mobile Site or Mobile App?


90% of all media interactions today are on multiple screen devices so its best time to convert to mobile website. Before investing heavily in mobile websites or apps, we help you to align your mobile & web Strategy first! We offer free consultation on what suits you best.

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Why Responsive Sites

67% Of our customers starts shopping on one device & continue on other device. With mobile optimiz services you can build a mobile responsive web site that works on all platforms and showcases your business on every screen e.g smartphones tablets & computers and TVs.

Remember your customers expect to see what they are looking for or they will quickly move to other sites. A product or service whose website is tailored to serve multiple screens or devices would benefit greatly . Read More

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