Mobile Optimization and Avoiding SEO mistakes

The reason to mobile optimize your website are wide and far.  A site optimized for mobile attract 80% more customers and multi device optimized sites grow Websites are critically meeting point between small business and customers. Maintaining an optimized site requires a strategical approach focused to increase customers.

Why your website should be mobile optimiz

Importance of optimizing a  Site for mobile

Only 35% of  businesses have a mobile optimized sites and so companies with sites that are optimized for multiple devices have a triple chance for achieving mobile conversion. Remember that user change devices during their research to find the right product. When you maintain your own website with out research into proper metrics for reach and customers you are wasting your time.

How Businesses Optimize websites for Multiple Devices

Businesses mostly look into segmentation of  devices when they plan their mobile optimization strategy. 46% of responsive designs have a client side. Lets look into how customer react during their product research on mobile or other devices.

41% businesses have mobile specific development platform

while 33% build their devices on HTML5.

43% of consumers are likely to return to a slow landing  mobile optimized sites.

73% of mobile research actually starts a conversion process.

  • 25% visit to retail site
  • 36% research oriented activity
  • 18% Shares  information either socially or referral..
  • 17%visit a Store
  • 7% Calls a Business for more information
  • 17& makes a purchase based on any activity triggered through its search on mobile device.


Avoiding SEO mistakes for mobile Site

Allow Mobile Site Crawling: You should check your websites robots file to make sure its not disallowing Google bot mobile from crawling your mobile website . Follow Standard SEO Rules: Optimize  keywords, develop better textual links, and avoid using Flash. Get On Google Places: Get On Google Places to ensure visibility in mobile Search Upload your Mobile XML sitemap: This will help the Mobile Google Bot find the pages  on your mobile website that you want indexed.


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Features of Mobile Optimiz sites

A UK based research study confirms that 78% of mobile users keep their mobiles with them. We all know no one keep their laptops with them for that long. Users keeping mobile with them means users generally visit websites from their mobiles. This  user habit makes a mobile optimized web site single most important factor towards product or service based sale. Mobile Optimize  offer following mobile optimization features for our clients  who want to build mobile sites or want to power up their existing PC-based sites to mobile and tablets.  Please use the form to contact us .

mobile site competition
Companies who have not Build Mobile / Tablet sites are sending customers to Their Competitors.


By taking risk of designing and developing some businesses cause headaches and negative results to their SEO. Mobile Optimize is a mobile Friendly organization. Potential buyers always research on multiple devices about their products and possible site to buy the product. This potential sale poses lot of importance on a mobile site a good mobile optimized site must offer a mobile-optimized experience.

  • Responsive Design and Development
  • Optimized Loading for multiple Devices
  • Dedicated Support
  • Low Development Cost
  • Build On Popular CMS, e.g., WordPress & Joomla
  • Built on Best Usability Practices.
  • High level web & mobile development
  • Dedicated Android & iOS app Development
  • Free Consultation for Choosing between Mobile App or Site

Mobile Site

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Understanding User Enagement : Responsive Site or a Native Mobile App?

We all have to agree that mobile sites have made it much simpler for us to use mobile phones and even interact on the go. The best thing about the  mobile responsive sites is that it does not require much sociability to start off and thus there have been great growth over the past few years. Initially, mobile optimized sites were designed for entertainment but now there are different types of  social sites with dedicated mobile applications from business related to social networking . You will find that most businesses are now optimizing or building mobile sites in order to try and keep up with their customers.

mobile optimize site survey

Mobile Website vs. Mobile app

Business mobile applications have become very popular because they help increase productivity, accessibility, data storage, help in marketing and most importantly customer loyalty. Other than that, the applications have made it possible for people to conduct business from any part of the world without having to travel. To add to that, you can pay your bills and even purchase goods right from the comfort of your own home using some the latest applications. The applications are quite safe as one will be required to provide some authentication before any transactions are completed. There are also other applications that allow you to synchronize your messaging from different devices. Such applications make communication much simpler and fun. With industry booming M-Commerce is te future with Purchases inititaing on tablets and smartphones.

Compared to last year 2012,  smartphone-Optimized Sites, Black Friday Sales increased  by 187%, Thanksgiving Sales increased by 258%   — That Huge

Mobile Website

Mobile App

Accessed Through Browsing Accessed after being installed
Static Navigational User interface Interactive User interface
Require connection Available Offline
Limited features Can make use of phone features e.g Location, camera

Users Engagement vs Development Model

Mobile Site

The number of people joining social networks is on the increase and thus media companies are looking for new ad creative ways to keep their users engaged all the time. Most companies have restricted the use of internet to their workers but with all these new mobile applications users are able to keep in touch regardless of where they are. Most of these mobile applications can easily be downloaded but you can still get other applications that come installed in the smartphones and all you will have to do is invoke the application and you are good to go. Most of the applications will allow you to share posts or images, tweet, update your status and the same time maintain your privacy.

There are numerous mobile applications that you can get today in the market thus, you get to choose depending on your needs. You can go online to see some of the latest applications.


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Custom Joomla theme Design and Development

We customize and design Joomla websites to your requirements in order to ensure that your website looks unique and stands out. All our Joomla websites have customized templates and we plan and design them from scratch to ensure that we meet all your specifications and needs.

Build Mobile Site

Other than developing WordPress and Joomla sites, we offer Joomla training courses. We have extensive experience when it comes to designing as well as developing Joomla websites, CMC systems, static websites and e-commerce. We develop the design from the initial stage. We  plan for managing it, installation, designing the templates, building a site, integrating, delivering, and offering training as well as on-going support to our clients.

Our templates are quite easy to use and manage because they are W3C complaint and are built to your requirements. The W3C also ensures that the templates are fast to load and use lesser codes as compared to commercial models. We customize all Joomla websites and templates to your specifications thus you can be sure that it will look great and unique regardless of whether it is an individual business or a graphic design company. For those who want their sites to stand out then, we can offer PSD customized templates and convert HTML designs to Joomla templates to ensure that you get the best functionality.

We offer a wide range of  WordPress Mobile Site Development that are of high quality at very reasonable prices that enables individuals as well as small organizations to enjoy our products.

By offering affordable and quality services to our clients, we help them to realize their potential and even great opportunities for them. Thus, you will find that out services are highly regarded and valued all around the world.

We are more focused on developing Joomla website application, web design and development and much more. We use the latest and most developed technologies in order to ensure that we offer up to date services to our clients.



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WordPress Mobile Site Development

We are a creative and unique mobile website design firm with years of experience working with large corporations, small businesses as well as extended team for offshore companies. We specialize in several elements of design & development from website designing, WordPress & Joomla responsive theme design & development. By working closely with our clients, we can produce the best results for and meet their requirements. We can offer the best services to your advertisement needs and ensure that your website stands out.

Mobile optimize banner

We will ensure that we deliver a customized responsive WordPress theme  that will fit all your needs. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a corporation our designs will increase your business prospects.

There are quite a number of firms out there that offer you the same services like us. Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider us:

  •  Unique WordPress Site Design:  We ensure that your WordPress based website stands out- unlike other firms that are more concerned in getting their jobs done, we ensure that you customize your site will not look like any other. You will also be able to implement your visions because you are not limited by any default layout.
  • Maintainable and Scaleable Easy to use the WordPress websites are quite easy to use as well as maintain thus, you will not be required to study any programming in order to update or edit any of the content. We will also ensure that you have all the reflexes of the software before we hand it over to you.
  • Customization and extension- the best thing about WordPress is the fact that it has several default plugins. However, we can create a plugin that will fit your needs and requirements.
  • Experience- we are the pioneers of WordPress, and we have improved our skills and knowledge over the years. With the amount of experience we have, we can quickly tell what will work best for you and what will not.
  • Individuality- the main reason as to why we are successful is because we approach every project individually. We understand that what will work for one organization might not work for the next one.
  • On-going support- even after we have delivered your product, we still offer support, and you can contact us anytime if you have any questions or if you need to make some changes.

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Why Multi Device Sites

Over the last few years, only a few organizations have truly achieved mobile optimization for their brands. These mobile and tablet compatible sites are optimized to open up websites meant for multiple screens. Knowing the importance of mobile sites many businesses have  jumped to the mobile bandwagon. Many companies that had PC based websites  have now built their sites for  mobile, and tablets. Mobile optimized sites did not gain importance in the past as there were not many smartphones users , but today  the boom in the mobile industry has led the growth to new heights.sites for mobile and tablets

Why Build Site for Mobile and Tablets

From consumers and sales perspective a mobile based site is 75% more powerful than ordinary PC based site to drive leads, conversion and sales. Remember the mobile is just not a voice communication device it has attracted hundred more ways to serve its usefulness. Mobile phones and tablets usage has increased in education institutions, hospitals and most recently even during travelling and many other areas. Businessmen are now finding it necessary to optimize their websites for mobile, as well as tablets,  to ensure targeted customers can access their sites from wherever they are.

mobile site optimization

Mobile optimizing has now become a necessity for every business. Once you build a site for mobile & tablets,  you automatically increase the chances of your business visibility. Considering SEO, Mobile site optimization its discovery,  a mobile website is quite challenging and thus businesses need to work with professionals.
We will help you convert the current website page to a mobile optimized version. A mobile website will make it possible for mobile users to browse through your company website using their phones.

Considering that the phone has a small screen as compared to a desktop or a laptop, you have to ensure that only the important details are provided. We know that the speed is vital and thus we avoid unnecessary details or designs when creating the mobile site as it will automatically drive the users away.

It is our duty to ensure that the content provided in the site is standard can display on the mobile to enable speed downloads. We optimize your site with the intention of monetizing it. Considering the financial crisis that have hit the business world, every business needs an effective marketing plan in order to increase its revenue, and that is what we are specialized to do.

A study has shown that more than 70% of the worlds’ population owns a Smartphone. So, by creating a mobile site you will allow your users to reach you even through mobile and tablets

Our duty is to help organizations choose the best and most effective medium that they can use to market their products and services to their potential customers by mobile optimization.

How We Can Help You

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Cost effectiveness of Mobile Sites

Most people will have to agree that mobile site development is more efficient and less costly as compared to any other mobile app development. This is so because the users will have to download the application first before they can use it. Whereas the mobile sites are universal and available to Smartphone users, and you will not be required to download any specific  application. You can look into our  discussion on Mobile Site Vs App

Reach Your Audience on Platforms

Building a site   for mobiles and tablets

The best thing about a mobile site is that it helps in ensuring that your business reaches out to a wider market through Google play, online markets, as well as social networks like Facebook. build mobile site because one can reach out to the customers within the shortest time possible and also get instant feedback that is very helpful in strategizing a market. Mobile sites are quite useful for small, medium-sized as well as large group. Developing a mobile site is quite cheap as compared to using other marketing strategies and thus most small scale organization can afford to create a website for their business.

mobile app v mobile site

A mobile application helps to bridge the gap between business owners and customers and even makes it possible for customers to keep track of any activities of a particular company. Other than that, the mobile websites help the small organizations to collect customers’ contacts and even provide them with necessary details such as location.

With a mobile creation, one can also get instant feedback from customers by either direct mailing or posting on the website wall. You get to create a tab for every type of information that you might want to pass to your customers. You can also include tabs for any added services that you might have samples and any new products.

Mobile sites are cost effective since you will not need any high-end hardware in order to maintain the application. It helps improve the functionality of any data sharing and also offers that were not feasible in the past like collaboration.

With mobile sites, one doesn’t need to invest heavily as you do not require many resources and infrastructure. You can develop a single site that can be accessed through several devices. Another advantage of a mobile site is that you will only have to create a website once so there are no additional charges. The only thing that you might be required to do is update the site that is quite easy, and anyone can easily do it.

lets make a mobile site

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Mobile Optimize Your Site For Multiple Devices

If you have a mobile optimized website then, that means your views can be redirected to a URL which is normally a different version of your site. The optimized site is developed to look good and show all the necessary details on a Smartphone. A well developed mobile site is quite different from a regular website as you have to edit in order for it to adjust to devices like tablet. One of the best ways to optimize your mobile website is by using the responsive design. The best thing about the responsive design is the fact that you will not need a different m-dot website. The website automatically adjusts its layout and design to fit the device you are using and thus you can access the website using the same URL. So, this means that you will only maintain a single website and it will look great regardless of the device you are using. You can choose either to have the separate design or the responsive design. However, it is advisable to have a responsive design website instead of a separate website. It is also advisable to know which best serves your visitors, a  Mobile optimized website or a mobile App? Some of the reasons as to why you should avoid the separate design include:

Why your website should be mobile optimiz

Design Intelligently

You sites must be able to capture on the go users. You must design it to load fast which is easy to browse and allows users to locate information quickly. You must adhere to best practices

  • Simplify navigation & make Menu hierarchy easy to understand
  • Brand elements like color, theme consistent with site.
  • Avoid flash & other Elements
  • Give option to see full desktop site.
  • Go easy on the eyes. Use white space and minimal text to avoid strain on eyes.
  • Be accessible, include phone number address and maps on landing page.

The site won’t look attractive on all devices

The separate design websites might look good on some of the devices but might not be compatible with other models that are popping out every now and then. Considering that the sizes of the screens are different you might be forced to have several separate designs which can be time consuming and expensive. With the responsive design you will only maintain one website that will automatically adjust regardless of the device being used.

Separate design spreads out

Since you have several sites, you will spread out your SEO value and links. This means that your ranking will not improve and your efforts will be only half effective. However, if you use a single site all the ranking will improve as they are all directed to one site.

Sharing becomes very difficult

With the separate design it becomes a little difficult for viewers to share the page since people use different devices. You will find that the site will not be compatible with all the devices. Thus, you might be forced to have several sites in order to cover a wide market share.

Redirects the viewers to unnecessary pages

If you have multiple sites then, it is high likely that your sites will get redirect links which are quite annoying. For these reasons, Google prefers to have a single site that can be accessed through different devices using the same URL.

Adapt to Users Changing Needs.

The fun should continue .. your site optimization should be an ongoing work. Use your mobile site analysis and feedback from users to keep improving the sites offerings and experience to keep them coming back.

Test Again and Again

Before making its live do your best to test your device on every possible device, OS and Browser. The most popular smartphone operating system that you should check include Android OS, iOS and now Windows Mobile

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How To Create A Successful Mobile Website

Due to the rapid growth in technology and internet usage, most companies are now creating websites that are mobile optimized in order to widen their market and customer base. Mobile optimizing is a promising trend and has helped marketers to promote their businesses and also increase traffic. However, it can only work if the proper strategies and affiliations are used.


Few Good Mobile Optimization tips

Mobile Site Best Practices
Mobile Site Best Practices


Creating a mobile website might seem like an easy task but it requires a lot of skills and knowledge of the mobile marketing environment. It doesn’t matter whether one is just looking for a restaurant or a product the main objective is to ensure that the content is clear, relevant and displayed in the most convenient manner possible.

The most important thing when creating a mobile website is to ensure that the files are slim so that the content can be displayed quickly. If a page takes too long to open then, most users might be tempted to move onto a different page and chances of them getting back to the page are quite slim.

Another factor that you need to consider is the content that you will display to your users first. Ensure that the content is informative, engaging and will make them what to read more. It is important that you review the content and even have a second person’s opinion.


You also need to understand that the behaviors change from one customer to another and can also differ depending on the day as well as the time. By doing so, you will be able to identify what platform will work best for your site.

Factors For Mobile-Optimization

Always aim for the top position- considering that the smart phones have small screens thus, it is important that you secure a top position on the search engine page. Usually, only the first three adverts are visible and thus the others are hardly seen.

  • Use common spellings as your keywords- by using some of the common keywords you will ensure that your site is easily displayed.
  • Mobile tailored ads- ensure that the adverts are mobile tailored in order for users to find what they are looking for easily.
  • Take advantage of mobile advert extensions- do limit yourself to search engine but also take advantage of the call extensions, sitelinks and any other extension that might be helpful.

If you have no idea as to how mobile advertisements work or even how they are created you need not to worry as there are companies that can help you out.

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Making Mobile Site: Understanding How Customers Will Interact

In this day and age, it is quite easy to come across people at any time and any place browsing the internet through multiple devices like mobile tablets. Initially, people could only in part or wholly rely on computers to browse. However, now tablets and smartphones too have made it much easier for people to browse. With such kind of browsing traffic, businesses ought to seek ways to reach their clients or seek potential clients by also making their presence in the internet market. Making a mobile site  is the only option by which a business will show its presence to all customers through whatever means that they use to access the internet.

How then do you approach mulch-device sites for your business?

Mobile Website Implementation Options

Use Of  Multi Screen Capable site:

build mobile site for mobiles and tablets


 mobile conversion  When you build a site for mobiles, PCs and tablets a good business will always drill deep towards their customer’s usage and devices. For example  a business dealing in youth’s products should get a ‘frequent user’ response and attitude since it is quite notable that the youth are deemed the most frequent internet users. It is also important to know where most of your customers come from in terms of analyzing the traffic on your website. Knowing the kind of devices they use to reach your site is equally important as it will give you an idea of the time around which they prefer going to your site.

Design Perspective for Cross platforms

 website for mobiles & tablets  While you want to convert website to mobile website Design your website to suit the needs of your consumers or your market target. For instance making a mobile site version of your PC site that displays only the main content while avoiding less important additions such as adverts is an added advantage to approaching multi device sites.


What you Should Avoid

Avoid using pop-ups which are a great turn-down to internet users. They make the browsing experience through your site less desirable even if you have what they are looking for. Therefore. You can use a simple banner to promote what you want by aligning it with the contents on the web page.

 Mobile Development

Following the Standards

It is highly recommendable that you use HTML5 standard tags to include videos, rather than submitting content in formats such as Flash which is not supported by all devices including smartphones.

Ensure that the site you run loads faster

Research Shows that websites build for PC with faster loading time offer better user experience in general. Users with mobile devices still seem to put more emphasis on speed – if the site is slow to load users quits their session. Fast loading time gives a good user experience hence most customers will prefer it over that of your competitors if any.


Device Orientation

Have your website both desktop version and mobile version running on similar domains.

Understanding Audience Expectations

 usability of mobile site   It is also important to find out what each kind of internet user you aim for is looking for. For instance if what a smartphone user could be looking for is different from what a user on a tablet is looking for or that of a desktop user. Thus keep each user in mind when designing the site and ensuring that the content each user is looking for has been addressed to its best.
Such a business has its ups and downs and may be a handful of problems to the business. Therefore, do not expect success right from the start. It is best if you analyze the interactions across devices and continue then to improve on their web presence.


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